The red sea


The Red Sea is well known worldwide as a divers paradise. It offers everything that belongs to an unforgettable diving- or snorkeling vacation: clear, warm water, endless coral reefs and a spectacular underwater fauna with colorful coral fishes in all shapes and colors as well as sharks and turtles.


There are mainly border reefs which are just a few dozen to a few hundred meters away from the coast or close to islands. At some shallow spots like in the north east of Hurghada, in front of Safaga, south of Ras Ghalib (also Marsa Ghalib, Port Ghalib) and south of  Marsa Alam elevate small patch reefs like the Elphinstone-Reef.


But there are also three groups of reefs further away from the coast which are surrounded by deep water: north east of  Al-Qusair (El Quseir) the Brother Islands (Al-Akhawein), southeast of  arsa Alam the Daedalus Riff (Abu el-Kizan) and close to the border of Sudan, about the height of Al Shalaten, St. Johannes-Island (Geziret Zabargad) and Rocky Island.